What is Social Innovation Baltic?

social innovation baltic


Our mission is to connect social innovators for good. We aim to create a web-based platform in order to connect social innovators in different countries of the Baltic Sea region and to make this collaboration easier. We are changers and we have a strong belief that we can change social reality through action and innovation. We believe that there is a huge innovation potential residing in social entrepreneurs and in organisations that they form. Social entrepreneurs are critical in the way that they think, they have a vision and they will not stop until they have revolutionised the whole industry they work in. Through international cooperation social entrepreneurs in the Baltic Sea region might be able to midigate environmental, social problems in the region, connected to for example education, heath care, marine pollution and many others. As a part of our idea we have identified four different functions of our platform, which have already generated some interest: News, Database (find contact details of potential partners and their fields), Problem Desk (find advice from peers), Idea Bank (post your idea for a call out for partners).

Knoweledge exchange between countries of the region and collaboration might be simplified by easing the process of finding partners. The Baltic Sea Region doesnt really exist in peopleĀ“s mind yet, through entreprenuerial people in the region we hope to build a community of investors to promote the opportunities and potential of the region.

Project members: Ilyana Demushkina, Jarek Piotrowski, Kinga Polynczuk, Kristina Kashina, Mattias Kroon

Contact: Ilyana Demushkina (ilyana_ilyana@mail.ru); Kristina Kashina (kashina.kristina@mail.ru)

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