Citizen diplomacy in action



Project Little Brother  is a project developed together with Balticlab and the communication agency Volontaire.  We have pointed out that CBSS, BDF, EUSBSR and European Commission have some commond goals, which are: improving accessibility, amplifying information and improving engagement. This innovation gives eveyone, who is interested in a given regional event, the opportunity to take part and engage, even when they are not able to be there in presence.

This is Project Little Brother, a communication initiative that closes the gap between closed meetings and the wider public. This innovation combines existing techonologies in a new way, with everyone being able to use with minimal effort. It enables you to record, broadcast and describe physical meetings, creating a unique searchable documentation. We hope to bring this innovation to the EU Annual Forum in Lithuania later this year. Project Little Brother targets important activities in the Baltic Sea region, improving their accessibility, amplyfying information and improving engagement. Please join us at