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Let´s make the bad day end.


What we are witnessing now is a bad day in the course of history of cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region. By gathering creative people together on board the Baltic Design Ship we can make the bad day end.

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We ship the best we’ve got!

baltic design ship logo
The main objective of the Baltic Design Ship is to create a regional identity and increase competitiveness of the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) in the global market.

We believe that innovative design is a perfect tool to both unite the region and promote it. By inviting interdisciplinary professionals to work together on board of the ship we will create an effective Baltic Sea regional network of creative professionals. During the marketing campaign we will use fruits of the networking period- dynamic, international collaboration and cutting edge design – to promote the region.

Follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/BalticDesignShip or on our homepage at www.balticdesignship.com.
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The Ship Team: who we are

Origins of project idea:

The Ship Team has a strong focus on design, that is our shared main field of interest.  After several discussions, and brainstorming exercises we concluded to go for one idea.  In short – we are  fascinated of putting the best in the field, design oriented companies and individual designers from Baltic sea region countries in one place.  In a ship.

We would like to get all those creative people to work together, promote themselves and the whole region in a form of events, lectures, exhibitions. The “cool” factor of the ship would help to bring more people to see it, both literally and via all kinds of media.

About us:

The group consists of 2 entrepreneurs – managers, 1 sales person, 1 architect and an environmental biologist.

Algirdas, Tomasz, John, Ieva, Katarzyna

Algirdas, Tomasz, John, Ieva, Katarzyna

Algirdas: Marketing consultant, entrepreneur.

Tom: Startuper with strong project management background. Studied management and logistics.

John: Sales management.

Ieva: Architect with a focus on urban planning and development.

Kasia: Sustainable biotechnology scientist with interest in design.

Why we are in one team:

What brought us together is the idea of doing something cool and a really good match among the group members. Originally it was the personalities of each individual, that drew us to this team. After coming up with a project idea, our desire to work together became even stronger, as each of us has a reason to love the idea of  Baltic Design Ship.

The communication has been going easily since the Malmo module. And since the idea suits all of us well, we assume that it’s a good beginning for our team. The Ship Team is motivated to do our best working together and developing this project.  We all strive to do all we can in making The Baltic Design Ship a reality.